Walking Onions

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5 bulbils for $20
10 bulbils for $35

This plant is one of our favourites, and is such a unique plant to observe. It is called a walking onion because it propagates itself by forming bulbils on top of it’s stalks and once they become heavy enough, the stalk leans over and the bulbils root wherever they touch ground. It will essentially walk! This perennial onion gives three different edible parts throughout the growing season. It’s stalks are edible in spring and can be eaten like a spring onion. It’s bulbils can also be eaten in summer time, or planted out to propagate more plants! After a few years of establishment the bulbs beneath the ground can also be eaten like a regular onion. All three parts of this amazing plant have a delicious pungent oniony flavour! And they’re perennial in nature which is a huge advantage over an annual onion- it only needs to be planted once and it basically takes care of itself!