Siberian Pea Shrub

Siberian Pea Shrub is invaluable in any food forest and landscape. The seeds have a mild, pea-like flavor. Eating them raw in any quantity is not recommended. But you can cook and add them to similar dishes you would add lentils too. Containing up to 36% protein, these have potential as a healthy and more sustainable alternative to meats, or other pulses. They only need to be planted once– no need to till, and erode landscapes in similar ways that annual agriculture does. In addition to being eaten as a pulse, the seeds also yield an edible oil. 

Siberian Pea Shrub also has the ability to fix nitrogen and make it available to surrounding trees and plants. No need for compost- just plant this shrub for your fertility needs! The incredible amount of seeds it produces are also well suited as a feed for poultry, livestock, and wildlife. Extremely hardy to zone 3.

Latin name Caragana arborescens
Hardiness Zone 3
Height 12 ft
Sun RequirementsFull sun to part shade
Average year to bear fruit3-5
Harvest TimeSeptember
Soil Tolerant of poor soils; must be well drained
Flower Time May/June
Pollination Self fertile