Saskatoon Berry


This is one of our favourite trees; plant them for beauty, amazing berries, and wildlife magnetism. Plus it’s native the North America! Serviceberry is hardy to extremely cold areas of Canada, (zone 2). Not very many people know about this phenomenal native species. It’s berries have been compared to blueberries, but they are in our opinion even better. And we love blueberries!

In addition to the delicious berries they produce, there is a tiny seed inside of them that is also edible and nutritious! It has a slight nutty almond flavour to it. In combination with the blueberry notes of the berry, these fruits have an exquisite taste. They can be eaten fresh, in pies, jams, and pretty much any application you would add blueberries to. If you’re interested in wildlife planting, birds also love them!

Able to take some shade, these trees are a beautiful addition to any landscape. Their very early spring flowers are a site to behold and sniff. The white petals reach out into the sun in full expansion and open up the senses to the growing season that is before us. Their bark is silvery and smooth, appearing so beautiful even in the winter season.

It is able to thrive in almost all soils, except for the ones that are very poorly draining. Plant in full sun for maximum fruiting potential.

Latin nameAmelanchier sp.
Hardiness Zone 2-7
Height 8-20 ft
Spread7-10 ft
Sun Requirementsfull sun to part shade
Average year to bear fruit3
Harvest TimeJune to August
Soil Tolerant of all types except water logged soils
Flower Time May
Pollination Self fertile but will cross pollinate better with more than one tree