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American plum is one of the best pollinators for other varieties of plums, and also takes very well to being grafted. The fruit is quite variable; anything from red to yellow plums can occur. The skin can be astringent but the inside is very sweet and delicious. Far superior to any plum you can buy at the store.  Plum trees are amazing for humans, wild life, and the white beautiful flowers of early spring have the best smell in the world.

Growing Tips

They are somewhat self fertile, but planting two different Plums ensures better cross pollination. They thrive in well drained fertile soil and will not tolerate being waterlogged. They grow to be about 15 ft tall so they’re a great choice if you’re somewhat limited on space. Some hybrid plums are not great pollinators for each other and this is largely dependent on their country of origin. In order to get good pollination you need American Plum or Canada Plum to fulfill this need. They can pollinate up to 6 other plum trees that are nearby. Plums benefit from growing in close proximity to one another. Planting a plum thicket is one of the best ways to ensure better pollination while also creating a beautiful hedgerow. 

Important Information

Latin name  Prunus americana 
Hardiness Zone  3
Height  15 ft
Spread 12 ft
Sun Requirements Full sun
Average year to bear fruit 4
Harvest Time depending on cultivar
Soil  Well drained 
Flower Time  Mid-May
Pollination  Self fertile