Grape ‘Valiant’


An extremely cold hardy blue grape with a concord-like flavour.

1 yr old vine

Ships bare root April-May!

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For many years growing grapes in cold climates wasn’t even possible! There has been much work put into the research of developing cold hardy grape varieties, and now there are several cultivars available for grape growing in the north.

Valiant Grape

The Valiant grape is a tart and sweet blue grape that is exceptionally hardy to zone 2. It is the hardiest grape vine we grow. It has seeds and has a flavour similar to concord grapes. It is good for fresh eating, and is great for juice and other preserves.

Important Information

Grape vines are self fertile. Grapes are a vine, so they need some sort of structure to grow upon. Fences, pergolas, a south side of a house, or a wood shed are all great options for growing grapes on provided they have enough sun. The grape varieties we offer are extremely hardy, but they survive the harshest temperatures better when the vines are laid on the ground and covered with leaves or even the snow. This way they will be insulated from the cold.

Grapes grow best in rich or sandy loam soil. Good drainage is essential when it comes to grapes. If you’re in a more wet landscape, planting them on a substantial berm to give them good drainage is highly recommended. Do not fertilize them in their first year- this will allow them to direct their energy into developing a strong root system and framework.

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