Elderberry is a vigorous and adaptable shrub, producing delicious medicinal berries that are loved by people and wildlife. Shrubs are 1-3 ft when shipped. ORDER 4 ELDERBERRY AND WE’LL ADD IN A 5TH FOR FREE!

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This Elderberry is a cultivar called “Aurea” because of it’s golden foliage and large clusters of flowers. It only has golden foliage in more sunny locations, and is striking in the landscape. Elderberry is an amazing shrub, offering so much to birds, pollinators, and our immune systems. Elderberry has medicinal anti-viral compounds that make it one of the best remedies in cold and flu season. The berries are delicious when processed and should not be eaten raw. They make great syrup, jelly, pie, and wine.  The flowers are great in a summer cooling tea, and the berries are absolutely loved by birds. Plant more than one shrub to increase cross pollination. Hardy to zone 3 and will grow to a maximum height of 12 ft. This shrub doesn’t mind wet feet one bit but will also grow ferociously in regular garden soil!

Latin name Sambucus canadensis “Aurea”
Hardiness Zone 3-8
Height 5-12 ft
Spread 5-10
Sun Requirements Full sun, part shade
Average year to bear fruit 3
Harvest Time September
Soil Tolerant of all, but will require supplemental deep watering in well draining soils
Flower Time July
Pollination Self fertile but will produce more fruit with cross pollination


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