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Blackberry ‘Hardy Black’


A wonderful treat for the home gardener all summer long

1-3 ft tall

Ships bare root April-May!

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Blackberries are a wonderful treat for the home gardener. In late july throughout August, you can enjoy these sweet and slightly tart berries. They also produce gorgeous blooms in the spring that adds to their ‘edimental’ quality.

Important Information

Blackberry brambles grow best in full sun to part sun. They are quite vigourous and require somewhat regular management to be kept from spreading too much. They will happily grow in poor dry soil where little else will thrive, so location should be thought out before planting. They also have sharp thorns so they can be useful as a living fence.

In late fall, we recommend pruning out the canes that produced fruit this year. You can determine which canes to prune by choosing only the ones that are brown and brittle looking. This ensures better fruit production and helps maintain the brambles.

For the first year after planting, regular watering and an application of compost and wood chip mulch helps the blackberries establish. Enjoy berries for years to come!

Latin name Rubus
Hardiness Zone 4
Height 3-4 ft
Spread 4 ft
Sun Requirements Full sun-part shade
Average year to bear fruit 1
Harvest Time August-September
Soil prefers well drained soil and tolerant of most soil types except water logged
Flower Time April-May
Pollination self fertile

Additional information

Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 45 × 20 × 15 cm