Apple ‘Parkland’


An extremely cold hardy apple that’s proven itself in the most challenging environments!

2-4 ft tall

Ships bare root April-May

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Parkland is one of the most cold hardy cultivars out there. It has bright white flesh with a great crunch and tart/sweet flavour. It is also great for cooking and baking with. There have been reports of people growing them successfully in zone 1b in sheltered areas and is becoming a reliable and important cultivar for commercial orchards in the prairies and Alaska. It is relatively productive and produces on an annual basis. It survives in some of the most challenging environments for apple growing. It’s bloom time is early to middle, and the fruit ripens early to midseason in late August most years. It is small to medium in size.

Parkland was produced by the Morden Research station in Manitoba in 1979 and is a cross between the ‘Rescue’ apple and ‘Melba’.

Important Information

Apples are a cornerstone in cold climate fruit production. You will need 2 different varieties in order for the apple trees to cross pollinate and become fruitful. We try to focus on cultivars that are largely disease resistant, and low maintenance to allow even those without a lot of experience to successfully grow fruit. All of our apple trees are grown on full sized standard root stock of either Antonovka, or Dolgo meaning they will grow to be 30 ft or so tall. These types of rootstocks fare much better in colder climates than dwarf rootstock. On average, they will take 4 to 5 years to produce apples and will continue to for many years!

Latin name Malus
Hardiness Zone 2
Height 25-35 ft
Spread 20-30 ft
Sun Requirements Full sun to part sun
Average year to bear fruit 5-7
Harvest Time Late August-September
Soil prefers moist well drained soil
Flower Time May
Pollination needs two different trees to cross pollinate and fruit



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