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Contrary to popular belief, extremely cold hardy AND delicious pears are a real and beautiful thing. Most of our cold hardy pears are hardy to zone 3, and are grafted on our standard sized rootstocks which will result in full grown, strong trees. Pears have an upright growth habit, resulting in a taller height than apple trees, but with less width. These trees could live for 200 years if cared for properly, which would gift your landscape with fruit for many generations. They need well drained soil and full sun to grow well. Pear trees need another pear tree that is a different cultivar in order to cross pollinate and get fruit! Our pears are grafted on extremely hardy full sized Ussurian rootstock.

Latin name Pyrus sp
Hardiness Zone 3 and 4 depending on variety
Height 35 ft
Spread20 ft
Sun RequirementsFull sun
Average year to bear fruit7
Harvest Timedifferent depending on cultivar
Soil well drained
Flower Time mid may
Pollination needs two different varieties for cross pollination and fruit