Nanking Cherry


Nanking cherry is both extremely beautiful and provides delicious fruits in very cold climates. It is an extremely cold hardy, low maintenance shrub in the Prunus family. They produce tart cherries half an inch in diameter in massive crops each year. Unlike other Cherries, they are very resistant to diseases and other issues. They put on a stunning show of blooms in early spring where each branch is densely packed with flowers pinkish white flowers. They do well in part sun to full sun, and can even do well in windy conditions unlike many other fruiting trees. It grows best in well drained loamy soils, but can handle other types as long as they are well drained. You need two shrubs for cross pollination.

Latin name Prunus tomentosa
Hardiness Zone 3
Height 5 ft
Spread6 ft
Sun RequirementsFull sun-part shade
Average year to bear fruit3-5
Harvest TimeAugust
Soil prefers sandy well drained soil but tolerant of most except water logged
Flower Time April-May
Pollination self sterile. needs cross pollination to fruit