We are passionate about Hazelnuts and the many gifts they offer to the world. Our Hazelnuts are extremely tough, cold hardy, and offer incredibly nutritious nuts. We sell Hybrid Hazelnuts seedlings that are all hardy to zone 3. They are very easy to grow, and are tolerant of all of the harsh conditions nature can throw at them! These hazels have been grown from seed that has been selected from amazing mother trees with superior qualities of productivity, disease resistance and adaptability. They will have a variation of genetics resulting in differing nut sizes, production etc.

Hazels are an extremely high oil and high protein crop. They are between 50-75% oil by weight, opening up many opportunities as an oil crop that doesn’t compromise ecological health like the production of many of our vegetable oils does. In addition to that, they are extremely high in vitamin e, and have three times the protein of soy beans. This is only the beginning for Hazelnuts in northern regions. We are happy to help with any project involving them!

Latin name Corylus spp
Hardiness Zone 3-8
Height 10 ft
Spread6 ft
Sun Requirementsfull sun to part shade
Average year to bear fruit5-7
Harvest TimeSeptember
Soil Well drained
Flower Time Late April
Pollination self sterile. you need at least two hazelnuts to cross pollinate and make fruit