Haskaps are an extremely cold hardy plant that are able to withstand temperatures up to zone 1! They are the first berry ready to eat where we live, and we welcome them dearly. The taste is somewhat similar to blueberries with more of a tart complexity, and is very antioxidant rich. This bush is an abundant grower and is happy pretty much anywhere you plant it! It also fruits pretty well in part sun, making it a great addition to beneath your fruit/nut trees.

Haskaps will grow in just about any soil. They are able to thrive in high windy mountainous regions, and exude a toughness and zest to grow that’s really special. Mulch the base with wood chips, add compost in the spring to the surface of the soil and these berry bushes will be happy as can be. Needs full sun to part sun, and two different varieties for cross pollination. .

Latin name Lonicera carulea
Hardiness Zone 1
Height 3-8 ft
Spread3-6 ft
Sun RequirementsFull sun to part shade
Average year to bear fruit3
Harvest TimeJune
Soil Tolerant of many soils but prefer adequate moisture
Flower Time May
Pollination Self sterile. Needs two different varieties for cross pollination