Currants are such an easy and delicious perennial fruit to grow. There are many different colours and varieties to choose from. They are one of the unique ones that still produce fruit in partial shade, making them a great choice for planting beneath other trees and shaded areas.

Black, white, and red varieties are all delicious and full of antioxidants and vitamins. They are also great in a wildlife planting, as birds love them! Their fruits are super healthy for you, and hang off of the branches like shiny jewels. Black currants in particular have an extremely impressive nutritional profile. Currants are extremely popular in Europe, and North America is only beginning to catch on.

Latin name Ribes spp.
Hardiness Zone 3
Height 3-4 ft
Spread3-4 ft
Sun Requirementsfull sun to part shade
Average year to bear fruit2
Harvest TimeJuly to August
Soil Adaptable. Prefers moist but not waterlogged
Flower Time Early May
Pollination Self fertile but requires more than one bush for better fruit production