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5 root pieces for 15$

10 root pieces for 27$

20 root pieces for 50$

Comfrey is an incredibly useful plant in any landscape. It is a mineral accumulator in the soil, and effectively harvests nutrients like potassium, nitrogen, calcium, and phosphorus from deep down in the soil and makes it available to other plants around it. It also has deep taproots that pierce the soil and aerate it, allowing for more oxygen and water to reach the roots of your surrounding plants. It also creates a lot of biomass and can be chopped completely back during the growing season. Simply chop the leaves back and lay them around your fruit trees and garden plants. As they decompose they will work wonders. Just be sure about where you plant them! They are almost impossible to remove. It’s umbel like flowers are also a great source of nectar for pollinators. Hummingbirds even love them!

We sell our Comfrey in root pieces 2″ long; within a single season they will grow into a mature plant. They have a very high success rate when propagated this way. Simply plant them in spring an inch or so below the soil surface and enjoy comfrey for many years to come!