Black Locust


Black Locust is a fast growing native species with a lot to offer. It has delicious edible flowers that are reminiscent of peas, and they are also loved by pollinators. The flowers are also used in a number of lovely applications including wine, jelly, and as a fritter. This tree has incredibly rot resistant wood that is the perfect option for fence posts, outdoor building projects, docks, and is a natural alternative to harmful treated lumber. It often outlasts treated lumber! Additionally, it’s wood has one of the highest BTU ratings out of all of the trees in Canada. This tree is incredibly vigourous and can thrive in very poor soil.

Latin name Robina psuedoacacia
Hardiness Zone 4
Height 40-100 ft
Spread30 ft
Sun RequirementsFull sun-part shade
Average year to bear fruitn/a
Harvest Timesummer
Soil tolerant of all types besides waterlogged
Flower Time June