Bitternut Hickory


Don’t let the name fool you….Bitternut Hickory is an amazing tree full of possibility. It’s often overlooked because it’s nuts are bitter. However, they’re packed full of oil. The bitterness is water soluble and because of the thin shelled nature of the Bitternut, huge amounts of perennial oil can be pressed from them. Acclaimed forager Sam Thayer has developed a market around this Hickory nut oil and people go nuts for it. We have our own native olive tree, as available and local as can be growing freely around us. May this be a lesson to always delve deeper into the status quo of nature….There are often much greater gifts to be noticed.

Latin name Carya sp.
Hardiness Zone 4
Height 80 ft
Spread30 ft
Sun RequirementsFull sun-part shade
Average year to bear fruit10-30
Harvest Timefall
Soil prefers moist soils but tolerant of most if there’s adequate nutrition
Flower Time May to June
Pollination Self-fertile