Aronia loves to grow along the edges of swamps, ponds, and adapts to a range of soil types. These amazing shrubs are renowned for their incredible phytonutrient rich berries, giving them the reputation as a medicinal powerhouse. They are native to eastern North America, and are able to thrive in really cold conditions. The berries make great preserves and can be added to all kinds of beverages. Aronia is also a great choice if you like planting things for wildlife. They fruit quite well in part sun, making them a great addition to the lower understory of a food forest. Their bright wine red fall colour is also something to rave about!

Latin name Aronia Meloncarpa
Hardiness Zone 3-8
Height 6-8 ft
Spread5-8 ft
Sun RequirementsFull sun-part shade
Average year to bear fruit3-5
Harvest Timelate summer early autumn
Soil any soil, although they prefer moist soil
Flower Time Spring
Pollination self fertile