Korean Pine


Korean Pine produces delicious pine nuts that are super buttery with a slight pine flavour. These are the same pine nuts that are sold in grocery stores that people use to make pesto. A single cone produces over 100 nuts inside of it!

On top of producing incredible foods to eat, these trees can withstand Zone 2 temperatures! -40 C plus! Korean Pines will appreciate an acidic soil and needs partial shade while they are young. Protection from west sun is necessary until they are older. You can create a shade cloth tent around your trees, or plant them near trees that you can eventually cut out when they are mature enough. Transplanting them into areas where Pine trees already grow is ideal, or simply take some of the soil growing beneath established pine trees to amend into planting area. Our trees are inoculated with the appropriate mycorrhizae and should be planted with the media we package them in.

Latin name Pinus koraiensis
Hardiness Zone 2
Height 90 ft
Spread30 ft
Sun RequirementsPart sun- will die if planted in full sun when young
Average year to bear fruit8-14
Harvest TimeLate September to early October
Soil Acidic and well drained
Flower Time 
Pollination Self fertile but benefits from cross pollination

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