Apples are a cornerstone in cold climate fruit production. We are currently experimenting with many different cold hardy apple varieties that we grow and graft ourselves. You will need 2 varieties in order for the apple trees to cross pollinate and become fruitful. All of our apples do great in rich, well drained soil, and full sun. We rigorously test for disease resistance, production, flavour, storability, and cold hardiness in our landscape, so you can rest assured that these trees have been selected because of their exceptional traits in all of these categories. They require very minimal maintenance and can be grown without the use of pesticides, herbicides and synthetic fertilizers unlike many of the apples grown commercially like McIntosh, Honey Crisp etc. All of our apple trees are grown on full sized standard root stock. On average, they will take 4 to 5 years to produce apples and will continue to for many years!

Sweet Sixteen

This is one of the most remarkable flavours you will find in a cold hardy apple! It is very sweet and has unique tasty notes of cherry, spice, and vanilla to only name a few. One of our absolute favourites. Sweet Sixteen is resistant to fire blight and scab. It stores for 4 months in proper storage and also holds up well when cooked. It was developed at the University of Minnesota by Dr Alderman in 1977. Hardy to zone 3b.

Size, Price, Quantity, etc

Wolf River

Wolf river is renowned for being one of the best apples for pies, producing very large apples (up to 8 inches in diameter!) that hold their shape when cooked. In addition to that it is also quite good eaten fresh, with a nice sweetness matched with subtle tartness depending on when the apple is harvested. It is disease resistant to a number of diseases, with lesser resistance to fire blight. With that said, it is still very disease resistant in general. It originates from Wolf River in Wisconsin and was a seed planted from the variety of apple called Alexander and has been around since 1875! Hardy to zone 3.

September Ruby

This apple allows even the coldest regions of Canada to have apples. This is absolutely the hardiest apple we have available. This tree has been grown in Alaska with fruitful success. It is crunchy, tasty and tart in it’s flavour profile. It is great cooked in pies, good to eat fresh, and is excellent for juicing. It has relatively good resistance to disease, and has high yields as long as it is thinned a little each year in late winter/early spring. Hardy to zone 1.

Nova Easy Gro

This apple is a great multi purpose tree with it’s origins from Nova Scotia! It has great taste for eating fresh, with a mild, sweet flavour that people love. It has good storability lasting well into 4 months with proper cold storage and is very cold hardy. It also shows great disease resistance. Hardy to zone 3.

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