Sea Buckthorn


Sea Buckthorn thrives in incredibly cold temperatures and produces beautiful tropical flavoured fruits. The flavour of a Seaberry is very uplifting. It tastes of citrus, tangerines, and beautiful berries all at once. You will feel the sun in them as you eat! The berries themselves contain high levels of unsaturated and saturated fatty acids. These high levels of fatty acids are very uncommon to find in any fruit, which is a testament to their unique and powerful nutritional content. We love them in juice, jam, smoothies, fermented drinks, and the leaves can be used in tea. The oil from the seeds is used as a remedy for skin issues and in hair products.

These massive shrubs are able to handle almost any kind of soil, no matter how rough the conditions. Desertification, high levels of salinity and drought. We have also found they do great in areas that are poorly draining if they are planted on a mound. Take some time deciding where you would like to plant this species, it can be quite aggressive in shooting up runners wherever it is planted.

Latin name Hippophae rhamnoides
Hardiness Zone 3
Height 20 ft
Spread15 ft
Sun RequirementsFull sun
Average year to bear fruit4-5
Harvest TimeAugust to September
Soil Tolerant of most soils and salt. If in waterlogged areas, plant on top of mound
Flower Time 
Pollination Self sterile. Needs female and male plant to cross pollinate

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