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This tree is native to North America and has amazing buttery tasting walnut like nuts. On a mast year, these trees can produce nuts that cover the entire ground. Along with Shagbark Hickory, these are some of the most delicious nuts from our native trees. Sadly, Butternuts have been disappearing from their forest homes, due to a deadly cankerous disease that arose in the 1960’s. Many people are still actively planting them, and with the genetic diversity that is possible when planting seeds, who knows what kind of resistance could come about. There are trees out there that show resistance and survive. I hope this encourages you to grow these amazing trees, and diversify possible food opportunities in the landscape you call home.

Choose your planting site carefully as it can inhibit the growth of many plants including blueberry, apples, lilac, birch, pine, silver maple, potato, tomato, pepper and eggplant. Some trees and berries they do well with are Elderberry, Paw Paw, Currants and Gooseberries.

Latin name Juglans Cinerea
Hardiness Zone Zone 3
Height 75 ft
Spread25 ft
Sun RequirementsFull sun
Average year to bear fruit10
Harvest TimeSeptember
Soil RequirementsWell drained
Flower Time 
Pollination Self Fertile but will benefit greatly from multiple trees for cross pollination

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